Berni Williams

Berni in a chair


Berni Williams was born in Nelson, Lancashire and moved to Staffordshire in her teens. She has worked as a librarian most of her life, with stints in university and college libraries and even worked for the BBC at Pebble Mill. Her favourite job was in a small village library of Silverdale, where sadly she was made redundant recently to make way for handing the library to volunteers.

She was diagnosed with Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) in 2012 and wrote a blog as she went through the diagnosis and treatment, as a way of coping with the whole experience. She decided to turn the blog into a book, because there is so little information about CUP out there. She wanted to show people going through the same thing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Also, she wants to raise money for the CUP Foundation, as it's still the only main source of information and comfort for anyone diagnosed with CUP.

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